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Village Parking Consultation

Your Parish Councillors are as concerned about this issue as anyone else in the village. After all many of us have lived here for many decades and experience the same parking frustrations as everyone else.

UK residents and visitors to the UK have had to adapt to living in a country where car parking is increasingly a problem.

Population numbers for the UK are much higher than they were in the 1950’s. Car ownership numbers increased exponentially during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and since then the numbers of two car households and multi-car households have grown still further.

Our Country hasn’t expanded, but the demand for space has. The ongoing conflict between people wanting more and more convenient parking whilst campaigning for a greener economy and resisting plans to use countryside for parking or homes, is as relevant to Mundesley as anywhere else in the UK.

We have had site meetings with; County Councillor Ed Maxfield, NNDC parking team and received correspondence from residents, tourists and second home owners.

This is also part of our work to complete our Neighbourhood Plan, which I have written about several times in; our Newsletter, Mundesley Tide (delivered to all properties in Mundesley) plus my monthly “Chairman’s Report” (please see our website) and on our Facebook page.

Your Councillor’s have brainstormed this issue to identify every potential solution we could think of, no matter how unlikely.

We now need you to check these through and see if you can come up with any suggestions or other potential solutions we might have missed.

Please take 2 minutes to complete the Survey online: Parking Survey

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Parking Consultation Survey
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