Mundesley-on-Sea Parish Council News

New Signage at Town End

Thank you to Norfolk Council Council for taking on board the comments Parish Council made in regards to the messy signage that was at Town End.

New directional signs at Town End Mundesley New signage at Town End

Master Gardener Training Course

District Council offer discount on composting bins.

Click image for more information

Temporary Road Closure on Lodge Lane in the Parish of Paston due to a new gas connection (NTRO1361)

Paston NTRO1361 Order (pdf)

Paston NTRO1361 PT (pdf)

A Clucking Success

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Freda Hens Easter Egg hunt and raffle.

This has raised over £150.00 for Stand Up To Cancer.


School Readers Volunteers

Smart Meters Roll Out 2020 Guides

UPDATE – Palm Oil

It has been brought to our attention that further deposits of palm oil have been washed up along the coastline, this time between Cardiac Hill steps in Mundesley and Trimingham.

NNDC will look to coordinate a response similar to last week in Bacton. Currently it seems the quantity is less than found in Bacton so hopefully its something that can address in good time.

Sea Front Shelter Update!!!!

Thank you to NNDC who have tided up the small sea front shelter .


Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds Conservation & Questionnaire

Cromer Chalk Beds Marine Conservation & Questionnaire

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