Mundesley-on-Sea Parish Council News


Mundesley Free Church general outline of the restart groups and how they would be of benefit to our Mundesley community.

The re-start Parent/Carers Baby and Toddler Group will be open to all babies and toddlers up to commencing at school. There will be no charge for this group as we seek to be as inclusive as possible and although a donation box would be available I am of the opinion that those who are unable to afford a token subscription are normally the ones who would benefit from it the most; hence our decision to offer our service free-of-charge.  Our group will be open to all regardless of their worldview/lifestyle choices.

The secondary school-aged group will seek to build up the local young people giving them a safe place to go. We will seek to help them safely explore integral relationships to help them negotiate this sometimes turbulent time in their lives. We will also seek to encourage outward thinking in the group of the wider community and their needs and how they can make a difference for the good of those around them. I also have over 25 years experience of in youth work and have in the past completed counseling courses being fully Enhanced DBS checked. As with the Toddler group, this group will seek to welcome all regardless of their worldview or lifestyle choices.

The luncheon club once re-started will seek to support all who need the support of a regular group, to encourage positive support networks, and with the aim of expanding the group to cover more than just providing a meal but also on frequent regular occasions different further events afterward, such a reminiscence therapy, topics of interest, armchair Olympics the possibilities are endless!