Mundesley-on-Sea Parish Council News


• The goalposts were initially removed for repair.
• The Trust was informed the goalposts did not meet current regulations for sporting equipment.
• The Trust voted not to put them back on the park as it
was hoped this would encourage more use of Mundesley’ s Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and give the grass time to recover before the summer holidays.
• The increased use of the MUGA was not significant.
• The Trust voted on 25th April 2022 to purchase new compliant goalposts at a cost approaching £1,000 plus fitting.
• The Trust noted the increased cost of vandalism within Gold Park and will decide to pursue extending the use of CCTV coverage at the next meeting.
• Recent acts of expensive vandalism have resulted in The Trust having to replace a basket swing and a litter bin with a combined cost of approx. £1500 plus the cost of the recent damage to the zip wire.
• A Trust member’s car was also damaged by vandals throwing a litter bin at it when she had requested they stop throwing it around the Skate Park. The police wrote to the parents of those involved. They were not holidaymakers or from another village.
• Were it not for the income derived from the part of the park being used in the summer as an overflow pay and display car park it would be difficult to fund insurance, fence repairs and replacement, upkeep of the Pavillion, grass cutting, tree surgery and legally required annual inspection.
• The Trust also uses the income from the car parking to fund free events such as the Outdoor Cinema which many other villages make charges for.
• Many free outdoor entertainment events are funded in the same way and in this Jubilee Year the Trust has organised a range of events in the park for all of us to celebrate Her Majesty’s incredible 70 year reign. (Details on our webpage and Facebook as well as in our monthly newsletter “The Mundesley Tide,” delivered free to every home in our village).
• Recently I have experienced what my 11 year old granddaughter described as “potty mouths” shouting foul language loudly in front of very young children on Gold Park and around the skate park.
• The same youngsters then played “music” via their mobiles through speakers at very high volume with “lyrics” made up of constant repetitions of extremely foul and offensive language. The Trust has already received other complaints from members of the public for this type of behaviour. This is not the environment we want Gold Park to become, it is unacceptable to the vast “silent majority” and could ultimately deter people from making use of this wonderful free amenity.
• The Trust has a responsibility to provide and maintain community assets within the park but this is made ever more expensive because of vandalism.
• We are in consultation with the Police who have been invited to attend the forthcoming Annual Parish Meeting.
• The new goalposts will be ordered and installed hopefully in time for the summer holidays but this is subject to the supplier’s delivery schedule and installation.
• We do hope many Parishioners will attend this year’s Annual Parish Meeting on the 9th May starting 6:30pm in the Coronation Hall. Light refreshments and wine will be served at the end of the evening.
• Trust members are all unpaid PARISH COUNCILLORS who have lived many years in the village we love. This is my 36th year living in Mundesley and like my fellow Trust members I want the amenities to be enjoyed responsibly. We know the vast majority of you want the same. It is the tiny but unpleasant minority that causes so many problems.
• We need more Councillors and volunteers, so if you are prepared to give up some of your spare time to help as an unpaid Councillor or volunteer in any capacity please contact our Clerk on 01263 720603 or email
Come on Mundesley, let’s work together and all enjoy a right Royal Jubilee Year!
David Harding
Chairman Gold Park Trust