Mundesley Museum

The Mundesley Museum sits on “The Lees” overlooking the beach with spectacular views over the sea.
The Museum is believed to be one of the smallest in England.

Mundesley Museum


Museum Opening Times

museum opening times

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The Mundesley Museum sits in a coastguard lookout which was built in 1928. There are various displays featured at the museum and these change from year to year: past displays have featured Mundesley Railway, Mundesley Minefield, and locally found fossils (including a mammoth, elephant and hippopotamus!).

The museum has been recently refurbished to help make your experience more enjoyable. There is no charge for visiting the museum, but we do have a donation pot.

This year the museum has displays on World War 2 and the Deep History Coast, with a large display of fossils for you to see.

There is also an activity sheet for the children to take away with them.

The Museum is fully Accredited by the Arts Council.