Finance and Data Protection Committee

The Finance and Data Protection Committee meet every other month, scrutinising the financial transactions of the Council and making any necessary recommendations to the Full Council.

In November the Committee meets to decide on the estimated expenditure for the next financial year; this recommendation is presented to Full Council Meeting in December for ratification. From these figures the Parish Council’s precept (the amount of money the Council requests in the Council Tax under ‘Parish’) is calculated by North Norfolk District Council.

This Committee is responsible for the Council’s annual audit, and preparation of the annual accounts; together with ensuring that the Council is performing all its legal financial obligations.

The Committee is also responsible for the Council’s Policies and Procedures and meet to ensure that these are drafted and updated, when necessary, ready for ratification by Full Council.

As with all other Parish Council meetings, the public are welcome.

Committee Members

Mundesley Parish Council AGAR 2018-2019

Notice of Public Rights

Notice of conclusion of the audit and right to inspect the Annual Return 2018-2019

Conclusion of Annual Return 2017-2018

External Auditor Report and Certificate 2018-2019

Notice of the audit and right to inspect the Annual Return.2018-2019

MPC Budget 2020-2021


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