Mundesley-on-Sea Parish Council News

TG23412 Swafield Bridge Road Closure

The Swafield Bridge repair works will be going ahead Monday 19th October to 1st November.

This means the bridge will be closed to all traffic during this time.

Please see below a copy of the Public Information Notice & Diversion Plan.

Bespoke signs ‘Tavern Tasty Meats Open as Usual’ to go up before the Road Closure boards at the North Walsham staggered crossroads of B1145 Bypass, Folgate Road & Lyngate Road, and the same on the northern Swafield side.

Hall Lane, Knapton we know from previous closures of Swafield bridge gets been heavily used. We will erect ‘Road unsuitable for diverted traffic’ boards to try and discourage its use as a rat run. The local area Highways Team will monitor the road and should be inspecting it during the closure.

Swafield Public Information Notice

TG23412 Swafield Diversion Plan -A4