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Supporting older people in Covid-19 time

The Benefits of Live-in Care Support in Covid-19 Time.

Able Community Care provides a Live-in Care support service for people who wish to remain in their own home.

In Covid-19 time having a Live-in Care Worker means:

  1. You have support 24/7, no missed visits.
  2. Relatives and friends are less anxious knowing that their loved one or friend is not alone.
  3. Live-in Carers can summon help at any time of the day if you or someone you love has any ill health symptoms.
  4. Able Community Care is contactable 24/7 to help and assist with any problems or issues.

Able Community Care, established in 1980,  provides services throughout the UK and The Channel Islands.

E:  for a brochure pack or just give us a call on 01603 764567 for any questions you may have.

Office of Able Care