Mundesley-on-Sea Parish Council News

Standing Room Only…………

Firstly thank you to everyone who came to the Annual Parish Event this year. This year we have 96 people in attendance. It’s always a great celebration of all things Mundesley. A time when all the village organisations come together to showcase the amazing work they do and their selfless contribution to the village.

The Chair, David Harding , lead the evening with the annual  report
followed by presentations from the Mundesley Life Savers Club, the Coast Guard and the Air Ambulance.

It was an exciting night for the 18 organisations that received in total £15,736.00.

There was special recognition to The First Responders for their commitment to
those in distress in the village, to Fish and Fry for all the charities they have supported over the last year and to the Payne Family who have served Mundesley for the last 100 years.

Steve Blatch the Director of NNDC popped in along with Wendy Frederick s, who is your new District councillor.

Annual Parish Event  


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