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Revocation of the upcoming temporary road closure in the Parish of Mundesley – NTRO5847

Norfolk County Council


Temporary Traffic Restriction Revocation Order 2022

          Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984 Section 14(1)       



ORDER prohibiting the use by vehicles of the


  • B1145 High Street from its junction with C634 Cromer Road/ Beach Road for 10m southwards (hereinafter referred to as the said road (a)); and
  • C634 Cromer Road/ Beach Road from 65m southeast of its junction with Goodwin Road for 70m south-eastwards (hereinafter referred to as the said road (b));


in the PARISH OF MUNDESLEY is hereby revoked.



  1. The Norfolk County Council as Traffic Authority for the Administrative County of Norfolk is satisfied that carriageway resurfacing work is no longer takin place at the roads (a) and (b) in the PARISH OF MUNDESLEY and the works have been cancelled.



NOW THEREFORE the Norfolk County Council DO HEREBY ORDER, that Order  dated 3rd November 2022 in respect of the said roads SHALL BE REVOKED.



Dated this 8th day of November 2022






Helen Edwards

Chief Legal Officer


County Hall

Martineau Lane