Mundesley-on-Sea Parish Council News

Mundesley & District Royal British Legion 100th Anniversary 21 July 2021



Hello Mundesley.


I thought it would be appropriate, to make you aware that the Royal British Legion was formed on the 15th May 1921. As a result of the war, Britain’s economy plummeted and in 1921 there were two million people unemployed.


Over six million men had served in the war. Of those who came back, 1.75 million had suffered some kind of disability and half of these were permanently disabled.


Then there were those who depended on those who had gone to war – the wives and children, widows, and orphans, as well as the parents who had lost sons in the war, on whom they were often financially dependent.


The Legion was established to care for those who had suffered as a result of service during the First World War. And have been helping the Armed Forces community and their families ever since.


Only 7 weeks later, on the 21st July 1921, Mundesley & District Branch of the RBL was formed. One of the First Branches formed of that period.


Fast forward – 2001/2. I took over as Branch Standard Bearer and in 2005, as Chairman with Peter Holtam as Hon Secretary and Sonia Jaggard as Treasurer and Membership Secretary, (very well known locally) in February 2006.  These positions have not changed to date. Other posts have and  Currently are; President – Alan Verney,( very well known locally); Committee Members comprising of Liz Winter, Derek Smith (also involved with the Air Scouts) and Bob Brown.

Taff Lloyd (Haig Club) is the Poppy Appeal Organiser and does a very good job.

Membership 2005 – 119 now very few.


Since 2005, the Branch raised up to over £6500-00 through raffles, Luncheons, Functions and Tombola, when at the AGM in 2014, it was felt time to spend wisely.  Up to the present time, various sums between £500 to £1000 has been donated between RBL Halsey House Amenities Fund Cromer and the RBL County Welfare fund. This has had the desired effect of supporting ex-serviceman and their families in this area.


As Chairman, I feel the Branch has achieved the right results at the right time.

The Branch adopted the Mundesley Air Scouts into the Branch last year, who actively support our Annual Remembrance Day Service and hope to do more together when this current pandemic finally clears away.


However, it is also my role to plan ahead to keep the Branch up and running.


Mundesley – I need your help.  You can see the Branch is operating on a bare minimum.  A few more members, would be nice, to come on board to increase membership and necessary to keep the branch going, and maybe to have some fresh ideas?


One thing I will say, Anyone can join, Male, Female, Service or Civilians, it is not just for Service or Ex-Service personnel.  Membership is just £17.00 a year.


Some Branches now have a high percentage of Civilian Members which is great, so please get in touch through any of the above named. Sonia (Spa shop) and Taff (Haig club) are always on your doorstep.


2020 has been an extraordinary year, once again Great Britain finds itself at war against an unseen enemy, the need and support of the Royal British Legion has been invaluable in combating this pandemic. Not only to our own members and beneficiaries, but to communities as a whole. It is only through Branch members offering their valuable time and support that some communities have managed to keep going, this is an important area that our Branch could expand on, with your help.


Help to keep the Branch alive, please, do come to the 100th Mundesley & District Branch of the Royal British Legion in the Haig Club on Wednesday 21st July 2021 starting at 13.00 – 1700.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Thank you.


Bob Ovenden

Branch Chairman