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Separation Statement of Gold Park


Mrs Gold had purchased the area of land, now known as Gold Park and desired it to become a memorial to her late husband Reginald Charles Gold. Hence Gold Park was conveyed to Mundesley Parish Council. The Governing document is a Conveyance dated 24th April 1939 and contains no provision to appoint a separate management committee. The document effectively appointed Mundesley Parish Council as sole managing Trustee of the Charity. The individual councillors are not themselves charity Trustees, but it is the corporate body of Mundesley Parish Council, which is the charity Trustee.

During the war the land was used for allotments and during the 1940s-60 as a car park to accommodate the influx of tourists coming into the village.

In 1951 the play provision for the children that was on the old recreation ground was moved onto Gold Park.


The Gold Park, Mundesley Trust is registered as a charity and its charitable purpose is to be used as an open space, public pleasure ground and garden for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of the said Parish of Mundesley.

Historically, Gold Park was run as part of the Mundesley Parish Councils’ assets but in 2019, Mundesley Parish Council was given advice to interpret the Governing Document by a consultant specialising in charitable trusts and it was resolved that it needs to be managed as a totally separate entity from the Parish Council.

To achieve this Mundesley Parish Council has embarked on a process to separate the management of the Charity from the Parish Council, including separating its finances, under the professional guidance of Chartered Accountants Larking Gowan.

The Charity is now managed as a totally separate entity from the Parish Council. The administrator to the Charity is Doreen Joy, to whom enquiries should be directed on

There are no plans to change the use of the land for any other purpose than that it has been used for previously.


All the funds that are raised from the car park are ploughed back into running Gold Park, the outgoing costs for the running of Gold Park are currently around £30,000, including; grounds maintenance, repairs, insurance, banking and administration costs.

The Trustee has ring-fenced some of the funds raised to repair, or if necessary, replace, the Pavilion and playground.


The Trustee will hold a public annual AGM normally in May. Unfortunately, this could not take place this year due to the pandemic.

There is a website page on the Parish Council:

Car park

The Trustee is aware of the issues around the car park and is working to resolve them.


The Charity is meeting its responsibilities to be open and accountable using guidance from the Charity Commission. The accounts for year end 2018/2019 are available on the Charity Commission website, at:


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Address: The Old Fire Station, Back Street, Mundesley, NR11 8JJ

Tele: 01263 720 603