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Environment Agency consultation: draft national flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy for England

We have launched our consultation on the draft national flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy for England. The draft strategy marks the culmination of engagement with over 90 organisations. The Secretary of State for Defra in his climate change speech last year recognised that we need to “explore new philosophies around flood and coast management”. The draft strategy begins that process. The consultation is an opportunity to hear your views on those new philosophies and the level of ambition within the draft strategy.


The draft strategy sets out a vision for “a nation ready for, and resilient to, flooding and coastal change – today, tomorrow and to the year 2100.” It has three ambitions:


  • Climate-resilient places;
  • Today’s growth and infrastructure to be resilient in tomorrow’s climate
  • A nation of climate champions, able to adapt to flooding and coastal change through innovation


The consultation runs until 4 July and we are engaging stakeholders throughout the consultation period to encourage them and their networks to respond.


It is important that we get a wide range of views from lots of different communities and you can respond to the consultation online here


This is a very comprehensive consultation with 18+ questions so please just complete the areas that are relevant to you and your community as necessary.

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