Mundesley-on-Sea Parish Council News

Bus Services Affected By The Mammoth Marathon


1000 Marathon Runners will be running from Sea Palling, and Mundesley, via the Coast Road to Sheringham, in the interests of public safety and a desire to run as near to time as possible, we are making amendments to our services for that day.
Amendments To Our Timetables Will Be As Follows:
The CH2 service between North Walsham and Cromer WILL NOT OPERATE in either direction.
The 09.40 & 10.40 service CH1 will operate from Cromer as per normal.
The 10.00 CH1 service from Wells Next the Sea will also operate as per timetable.
All other CH1 services for that day will run between Wells and Sheringham ONLY, East Runton, West Runton, and Cromer will NOT be served until after 16.00.
The 44/44A/X44 group of services will operate via Cromer until 09.45.
All 44/44A/X44 services after 09.45 WILL NOT serve East Runton, West Runton, or Cromer but will divert from Sheringham to Roughton via Felbrigg in both directions returning to the full route after 16.00.
We have cancelled the CH2 service for that day because the Coast Road from Mundesley to Cromer is NOT being closed, and we firmly believe that running an hourly bus service along the same road as 1000 marathon runners would be extremely dangerous.